DISC is a model, named for its acronym in English: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Compliance.

Generally people have one or two dimensions projecting over the other resulting in some combination, this is what is called the DISC profile.


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International DISC Certification Program

- Psychometric TestsDISC and MotivatorsDIAV to be held at: Miami, Florida: Date: Monday July 20 th and Tuesday July 22nd DISC Certification and Corporate Culture Workshop. Best Western Hotel 2 day Program 8hours each day. Schedule: 8am to 5pm.


Online DISC Certification Program Available!

More info: [email protected] and www.TestsDISC.com.

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Our own version of DISC offers the newest online DISC methodology Assessment Tool. The four styles of Personality: Dominant, Influencer, Stable, Cautious help organizations to improve communication, productivity, teamwork and detect training.

Buy your DISC Profile. Discover your Personality and Behavior. Based on our DISC Methodology. Buy your Motivators DIAV Profile Discover why you Behave the way you Behave. Based on our DIAV methodology Motivators.

Find and classify the behavioral your personal characteristics or the Personal Area and Work Environment. It is based on the four Personality styles: Authoritative or Dominant, Detail Oriented or Cautious, Stable, Persuasive or Influencer.